Clairvoyant Phone Readings

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call 800-201-2872 to speak to a reader.

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The clairvoyant healing is

a spiritual healing where the reader works with your guides to replenish your life force energy within your aura and chakras. Visit the intuitive healing page >> go here

We also offer

Trance Medium Channeled Healing  $60.00 Prepay here

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The Deja Vu Psychic Hotline is

well known for the unique style of clairvoyant reading. Through many years of intense training and from the readers, they apply the tools learned into each reading. Be assure that the readers will respect your spiritual space and read with neutrality. We don’t like to advice or tell you what to do. If you consider the idea that your aura and chakras are made up with all your information and also have the ability to absorb energy from others, this is what they look at. The spiritual energy is part of what is creating your reality and outcome. Simply by having a clairvoyant look at the energy and point it out to your spiritual self, it allow room for it to release and change. When that occurs, more of your own energy can replace it.

Get clarity on any topic. No appointment necessary

Sticky situation, relationships, wellness, money, career, life purpose, etc..