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Proud to be the first Psychic Hotline! Berkeley Psychic Institute created Deja Vu Psychic Hotline for psychic readings by phone. In addition to a Metaphysical on line store. We also offer energy healings and trance medium channeled healings.

Over 30 years ago The Berkeley Psychic Institute graduates and teachers offered spiritual services to people in need of immediate spiritual guidance and could be easily reached by phone.

Deja vu Hotline aura chakra personToday the Psychic Hotline still uses The Berkeley Psychic Institute graduates for their phone readers  and uses the same unique style of clairvoyant reading they have taught for 40 years. We are a mission (like Berkeley psychic institute) of Church of Divine Man. In addition to the meditation and clairvoyant program by Berkeley Psychic Institute, it offers Metaphysical products through the Deja Vu New Age Store on line.

The Deja Vu New Age Store offers product, books and gifts to people interested in, want to evolve, or want to learn more about about intuition, healing, energy work, astrology, wicca, or personal development.

BPI (Berkeley Psychic Institute) is the first psychic institute and has taught meditation, spiritual healing and clairvoyance for over 40 years. Many graduates have similar institutes all over the country that teaches the same tools and curriculum. BPI has on line classes available and has a location in Berkeley, Santa Rosa, and Sacramento, Ca. The Founder, The late VRR Dr. Lewis Bostwick (1918-1995)founded the Church of Divine Man and its seminary workshop the Berkeley Psychic Institute, in 1973. He was a natural aura reader who saw a rainbow of colors surrounding people and who had a gift of healing. He attracted kindred souls who saw the works of Jesus as miracles of psychic healing and clairvoyance.


Here is a recent article in March 2015 issue about our organization from Nylon Magazine.

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Interested in taking classes or workshops please contact or sign up at www.berkeleypsychic.com


This is more than a psychic reading that simply tells you your future or outcome. We can certainly do that, however… what if you don’t like what it is? Are you just stuck with this unpleasant outcome? Of course not. What we do -We do an energy reading on you and pick up on what you are attracting to you or what your energy is manifesting. From there, we can give you simple steps or solutions that could change the energy…which changes the outcome.

A real psychic reading – A real psychic advisor will tell you what they see, not necessarily what makes you feel better or what you want to hear. A clairvoyant reading can be validating and reassuring. A red flag is if a psychic is telling you everything you want to hear. (ex: “”yes hes loves you and will get married and live happily ever after.You will win the lottery and be rich.””You have a spell that can be removed for a lot of money…Big Red Flag!!) A real psychic wants to help you help yourself at a fair value, not create dependency for financial gain.

Get the best out of your psychic readings. When getting a psychic reading with phone psychics, it’s best not to call when you are emotionally attached to an answer or outcome, wait until you have some space or more neutral, otherwise it can block them from seeing your spiritual self, and prevent you from hearing what they say. Don’t play prove it with the psychic, they know that energy very well and doesn’t allow for a good connection. If the psychic says something that doesn’t make since to you, let it be. It doesn’t mean they are wrong, if you are open, it may make sense to you later.

A psychic prediction …. It is important to know nothing is ever set in stone. God gave us free will. When a psychic adviser gives a psychic predication , it’s important to know that it’s up to you to decide your future and outcome.

A unique way a clairvoyant reading can be helpful The clairvoyant talks about the energy of you as a spirit and your aura. That in itself is validating. It’s easy for people to collect energy into their aura. We do it all the time not knowing it. If the clairvoyant talks about the energy that is in your aura, it can change and allow more of the person’s life force energy to flow back to its natural state. A clairvoyant reading and aura reading says “hello” to the spiritual self.

Something that makes Deja Vu Psychics different is the psychic advisors went through a training program at Berkeley Psychic Institute to learn about their spiritual selves. They wanted to be clearer, healthier, and be on their life path. Deja Vu psychics wanted tools to get through life challenges. They wanted to learn how to center themselves, feel balanced and free. Clairvoyant training was about applying tools to have their life-force energy flowing and to understand what their truth is.

The Deja Vu Psychic Hotline Readers are graduates from Berkeley Psychic Institute. The Deja Vu Psychic Hotline Readers are referred and approved by The Berkeley Psychic Institute Mission Directors.

Why do people choose us… and love us?


Stuck, Unclear, or anxious about a situation? Or just want to know your potential future?

If you want clarity on a New relationship or Job interview?

Feels like the ex or boss lives in your head? Curious about how people see you?

Want to attract your soul mate or attract more prosperity? The list can go on.

Perhaps your life is making changes and you want communication about what you could be manifesting.

In the psychic phone reading, the clairvoyant Psychic Reader uses their ability to describe what they see in your situation. Our aura and chakras are like sponges and can soak up energies that are not part of our life force energy. Sometimes a clairvoyant healing can help you get more in touch with your own intuition, power, wellness, and answers.

The BEST part is, your spirit was seen and there is nothing more validating than that. Someone to see the real magnificent YOU. Sure, they may see all the other people’s energy and problems sitting in your aura… and they can still see your spirit and higher self. In this material and judgmental world, it is rare to really be seen as our divine energy is. It feels GOOD!

PLUS! With each reading you get a specific energy technique or Next Step specific to you.

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