Intuitive Healing

What is an Intuitive Healing?

The clairvoyant can ‘see’ beyond the physical, so they can see and tune into the energy field around you. (including chakras)

They can pick up on imbalances or toxic energy that prevents the natural flow and life force energy at it’s highest vibration or optimal spiritual well being.

The healer will communicate to your higher self, spirit, and guides to assist the most appropriate healing for you.

Although the energy in your energy field and chakras can change at that time, it may not always be a permanent ‘fix’. Why or how the energy got that way may be  a deeper issue, belief, or programming. The healer can’t fix those things.

Real transformation happens when the person getting the healing looks within and self heals.

Although we do beleive the meditation classes and programs our organization offers is a powerful and effective transformation and way to self heal, we can’t advise what is best for you in your own self discovery and personal development journey.

Often these intuitive healings can give a person enough space and connection to their higher self to get their own answers.