I have been connecting with Kristi for a little while now. She has definitely given me insight into things that I needed clarity on. She has been extremely helpful and is always fully of positivity and light. I check the schedule regularly to make sure I call in and connect with her when I need a reading. Happy and grateful for the connection we have made!


My first reading/healing with Ginny, I was at crossroads with career and business, her spot on accuracy and healing help me get to my decision, since I have spoken to Ginny several times, and every time I walk away feeling better and clearer. Ginny is well trained, professional, spot on, tells you like it is. Thank you Ginny.

  • Rosario

Pinpointed the issues quickly and the work seems to be helping

  • Anonymous

The spirit hello with Shannon was refreshing and validated what I believed I was creating.

  • Anonymous

I regularly use the site for a natural perspective. It helps me separate immediate feelings and others influence and desires from the larger picture. It helps to broaden my point of view and see all available options. The next step suggestions assist in taking back ownership and control and can be a friendly helping hand when things are unclear or difficult. Helpful, kind, friendly. Non-judgmental and very discreet with difficult subjects..

  • Alexandra

Deja Vu Psychic Hotline has been a great place to get truthful straight forward readings and great healing, your readers have been all very professional, each one with great skill providing accuracy, clarity, healing. I walk away much lighter always feeling better. Thank you all.

  • I.W.

My TM female healing with Teri was incredible. She’s the best! I felt like she really saw and understood me. I got great communication and really noticed a shift in my space.

    • Marie

I had a fantastic reading with Shannon. She helped lift my spirits, cleanse my vibration, and open my space.              I got some beautiful and wonderful insights. Thanks for being there.

    • Alison B

Thank you for the reading. It was helpful and very nice. It helped me take a load off and stop concentrating so much on what was bothering me.

    • Anonymous

I had a healing with Laura and it was wonderful, beautiful, and superb.

      • Machei

I had a reading with Laura. I was very, very pleased. It was very good and an accurate reading. She was wonderful and so accurate and right on. I will definitely call her in if I need another question answered. It was a great experience and wonderful.

  • Dorthy

For over 2 years I have enjoyed working with Joy, especially when I’m in a panic. She can have me cracking up and I always feel better. She gives an overall view to help me see my patterned and what to let go of.

    • Anonymous

I had a fabulous reading/healing with Laura. She’s phenomenal. She is very compassionate and understanding and she picked up right away what was going on with me. She healed some things from my employment and a lawsuit I’m going through. I really felt like she was really great. I want to thank her and the organization. I will call again.

    • Anonymous

I had a fantastic reading. It was right on point, and awesome. I enjoyed it.

    • Elizabeth

I am so thrilled with Deja Vu Psychic Hotline. My friend told me about it and I just love it. I have tried many Psychics over the years and The Deja Vu Hotline is truly the best with the best psychics. They connect so well with me.

      • Michelle

After my clairvoyant reading with Joy my energy was uplifted. She is clear, compassionate, and easy to talk to.             She was right on with the issues going on with me and she gave good solutions.

    • Sue

I’m really fascinated by how good these clairvoyant readers are!! I get such a sense of sweetness with all of them.

      • Lilith

I feel like Laura really sees who I am. She validates me, and helps me get through obstacles.

    • Anonymous

I love calling the Deja Vu Hotline. I’ve been calling for 5 years. They all have helped me through so many life situations. It has given me the opportunity to see things about myself spiritually and emotionally in ways that I can heal.

    • Gina Whalen

Laura provided me with much clarity about business. I have more ease and trust. She helped me see all the gifts I contribute to the world.

    • Jaynie Farnsworth, CEO of Farnsworth Swim School and Soulrise Healing Center

Laura reassured me with a family situationand saw the karmic reason.She gave me concrete adviceand clarity to make a decision about a relationship.She was wonderful and will call her again in the future.

  • Anonymous

I have purchased a package deal from Deja Vu psychics. I committed to myself to become more congruent in my body spirit connection. The TM healing’s with Teri have been phenomenal and I greatly appreciate her insight, patience, and ability to communicate with me in a way I can understand. I am confidant and excited to live my life fully present and in my body. I have noticed that I get so much more accomplished and am more creative and joyful. Thank you so much for all of the support and the reasonable pricing so I can continue to grow spiritually and express myself in this life time fully present and in my body grounded. Thank you Thank you so much.

    • Heather

Shannon was fabulous and very helpful. Thank you, I look forward to speaking with her again.

    • Anonymous

Joy gave me the clarity I was looking for that helped me through a difficult situation. I’m so glad I called Joy and will be calling her again for a psychic reading.

    • Marie

At a difficult time Shannon provided perspective and kindness. The reading was enthusiastic, caring and offered helpful next steps.

    • Anonymous

Laura immediately felt my energy and that of the relationship in question. She quickly got to the core of the situation. She truly helped me to honor my strengths and focus on my well-being.

    • Kim

Laura really tuned into my energy. Everything she said was true. It was amazing!

  • Sevana

My reading with Laura was very concrete. She is an angel. I loved the reading and am very happy.

  • Isabel

Laura is defiantly engage with my concerns and issues and mindful in explaining it. It was very calming for me. I really appreciate her and will be calling her again.

  • Fernando

Angel gives a kind of blessing to the clairvoyant reading that is peaceful. She answered my question about a future love relationship and a clear statement on how I was blocking it. Even though I already knew that answer, the way she said it was like a new revelation. It made sense, and made me laugh. She was very clear about what she saw with a since of grace and depth about her. I loved the clairvoyant reading.

  • Lily A

Angel provided me with some good information to consider when making an important decision

  • Lisa

Jessica’s clairvoyant readings are honestly accurate and she takes time to answer all my questions. She does it with love. I can tell she really enjoys helping others in their quest. If it wasn’t for her influence and coming into my life, I don’t think I would have ever developed my spiritual growth. In a way I owe my spiritual growth to Jessica. She is amazing and her spirit is so pure.

  • Isa

Jessica was able to tap into my spirit and clearly see where I was in the present time, and help re-direct me to my truth. Highly recommend her!

  • Anonymous

This isn’t just any ol psychic hotline. These are some gifted and high quality psychics! Thank YOU!!

  • Beth

Laura really lifts up my spirit. I like talking with her. It’s very positive.

  • Pauline

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Claire recently provided a healing and reading that assist with moving out energies where the path could be clearer for movement. I received validation through the person inquired in my relationship space. It was very positive and light, and still is showing movement to a stronger friendship and union. I enjoy my conversation with Claire and I look forward to what I have created this far in my next steps in my life. Going forward it about happiness and love to its fullest.

  • Anonymous

I had a wonderful reading with Jennifer. I would like to compliment her on her skill. I have a lot of pain in my leg and it has been tremendously reduced. She saw some deep things about me that really resonated and I feel better. Thank you Deja Vu.

  • Anonymous

I have had a few readings with Jennifer. Very insightful, empowering and validating. I highly recommend her. She doesn’t throw in her own judgment. She sees the energy for what it is.

  • Tom

My reading with Jennifer was excellent as she has a unique talent in delving into specifics and quickly changing to other areas of concern. Identifying and communicating what is going on with oneself can be a challenge and Jennifer’s explanation of what she was seeing helped me realize and look closer at issues that I was not paying attention to. Thank you, Jennifer!

  • Michelle A.

I had an amazing reading with Jennifer. She is such an incredibly brilliant bright light. It was fabulous. She really set me straight and helped me use my tools to do a huge healing on myself with some help with Archangel Michael. Thank you for having her.

  • I.S.

Nancy was SPOT ON! I had a great connection with her.

  • Marsha

Jennifer was absolutely spot on and made my day. I really appreciate it. Thank you.

  • Teresa F

Alicia was amazing. Her use of visualization was a perfect tool to help me find my power. I want to thank her for a caring reading and assistance in finding my way back to my true path.


  • Anonymous

TiA is very accurate! She is good and so positive. She is a quick reader and I always feel like I get the maximum out of what I pay for.

  • Anonymous

Michelle has helped me with difficult times. She validated 3 things that came through and helped let go of past cords. Michelle has a prayer that she starts with that helps ground and connects. She always says exactly what I need to hear. She leads back to her angels for answers. Thank You!

  • Miriam

Jessica was right on target with what I’m going through. I felt she was able to really connect to my situation. She was also very upbeat. I would definitely get a reading with her again.

  • Michelle

I am so thrilled with Deja Vu Psychic Hotline. My friend told me about it and I just love it. I have tried many Psychics over the years and The Deja Vu Hotline is truly the best with the best psychics. They connect so well with me.

  • Michelle

Jessica is so amazing. I have such a great connection with her. I feel like she really tunes into me and sees me.

  • Carole Lee  Author, Where’s Your Tiara

Tia is very clear in what she sees and expresses. I trust her completely and would recommend her highly.

  • Carole Lee  Author, Where’s Your Tiara

Jessica was fun and lively in her reading. Her insights were enjoyable. Little bit of sunshine.

  • Carole Lee  Author, Where’s Your Tiara

I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with Tia. She was right on with her reading and her energy was very warm and genuine. I really appreciated Tia’s insights and would very much recommend getting a reading by her.

  • Beth

I found Jessica to be positive, delightful, grounded, and supportive. I would definitely recommend her!

  • John

Kelly’s insight gave me the direction I needed.. He is very honest and doesn’t just tell you what he thinks you want to hear.


  • Vanessa , New York

Without saying much and within seconds of being on the phone with Kelly, he already knew what were challenges I was grappling with. He identified blocks in my path and provided great insight on how to move forward. I felt great after the clairvoyant reading.

  • Whitney

My clairvoyant reading with Beth was extraordinary! Her subtle perceptions were amazingly accurate and affirming in my own self awareness. She brought up deep insight, consideration, and kindness to the clairvoyant reading.I felt seen, heard, and cared for. I came into the reading feeling fatigue and emotionally cloudy.After, I felt relaxed, yet energized, and emotionally renewed. Beth is an advanced Being and I am blessed to have had the reading with her!

  • Cinnamon

I received amazing communication from Amy regarding my late Service Dog Vixen. I expected a nice warm little reading, what I got gave me chills. I really received the spiritual hello I was looking for. My vibration was raised and I am now able to take the next step toward my highest good. I relish Amy’s enthusiasm, perception, compassion, and direct communication. Amy has a passion for what she does, and it shows. I can’t thank Amy enough, and I truly recommend a reading with her. If you are looking for a reading with Heart, make that appointment.

  • Rose

Crystal gave me a psychic reading that helped me through some confusion and offered some simple solutions.

  • Diana

Crystal is a great psychic reader! She is very lighthearted, answers all my questions and has a great sense of humor.

  • Dominic

I really enjoyed my clairvoyant reading from Jessica. I thought the things she brought up were really timely and helped me see my situation in a different light. She was accurate and fun and I would recommend her to anyone looking to get a reading.

  • Lilith

Crystal is a gem with a beautiful ability to see psychically. Her psychic reading was detailed and completely right on. I asked about a relationship in my future. She immediately responded with validation of the healing and self-protection work I’ve been doing for a long time, gave me a great suggestion for a next step, and read clearly where I am now. She helped further clear my relationship space. I felt her clarity and kindness in every word; highly recommended.

  • Beth W

Dane has amazing energy and gives such a detailed and thorough clairvoyant reading! I didn’t have a clear question, so he gave me a past life reading that was clearly influencing my lack of clarity about a new life direction. He offered lots of insightful and helpful tips. He was immensely clear and delightfully enthusiastic. I felt energized and peaceful after the reading.

  • D. Flippin

Violet gave me a great clairvoyant reading! I feel like she has a genuine gift and was very aware during the session. I felt better after speaking with her and I would recommend her to anyone looking to get a psychic reading.

  • Rina K

I’ve had a lot of readings over time and I say Violet is on fire! Insightful, delightful, respectful, right on target. I asked if she saw me changing my lifestyle. She immediately found energy in my first chakra that was inhibiting me; she went on to find other limiting family agreements, all the while validating the clearing work I’ve done and pointing out my abilities. She also talked about vacation energy on the very day that I committed to a huge summer vacation for the first time in over a decade. Violet was wonderfully validating, and she gave good next steps. This is no fakery; this is the real deal. Impressive. Thank you Violet!