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I’ve been a professional psychic reader on the Deja Vu Psychic Hotline for over 22 years. Many clients are repeat callers and have received psychic readings for over 5 years. My clients request communication regarding relationships, career, divorce, business steps, legal situations, spiritual path and more. A psychic reading assists them in making important decisions, verifies their own information and helps them to take action. In my childhood days, I experienced seeing and speaking with lively nature spirits as well as telepathic communication with birds, cats and dogs. There was an awareness of positive and negative energies in places and with people. I thought everyone experienced life this way.

In 1985, my psychic training began at the Berkeley Psychic Institute in Berkeley, California. There I completed the 2 year Clairvoyant Training Program, Ministers-in Training, Women’s Teacher’s Program, Hands-on Healing Program and the 3 year Trance Medium Healing Program. I look forward to having psychic communication with you and receiving your call soon!

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I had a healing with Laura and it was wonderful, beautiful, and superb.

  • Machei

I had a reading with Laura. I was very, very pleased. It was very good and an accurate reading. She was wonderful and so accurate and right on. I will definitely call her in if I need another question answered. It was a great experience and wonderful.

  • Dorthy

I had a fabulous reading/healing with Laura. She’s phenomenal. She is very compassionate and understanding and she picked up right away what was going on with me. She healed some things from my employment and a lawsuit I’m going through. I really felt like she was really great. I want to thank her and the organization. I will call again.

  • Anonymous

I feel like Laura really sees who I am. She validates me, and helps me get through obstacles.

  • Anonymous

Laura provided me with much clarity about business. I have more ease and trust. She helped me see all the gifts I contribute to the world.

  • Jaynie Farnsworth, CEO of Farnsworth Swim School and Soulrise Healing Center

Laura reassured me with a family situationand saw the karmic reason.She gave me concrete adviceand clarity to make a decision about a relationship.She was wonderful and will call her again in the future.

  • Anonymous

Laura immediately felt my energy and that of the relationship in question. She quickly got to the core of the situation. She truly helped me to honor my strengths and focus on my well-being.

  • Kim

Laura really tuned into my energy. Everything she said was true. It was amazing!

  • Sevana

My reading with Laura was very concrete. She is an angel. I loved the reading and am very happy.

  • Isabel

Laura is defiantly engage with my concerns and issues and mindful in explaining it. It was very calming for me. I really appreciate her and will be calling her again.

  • Fernando

Laura really lifts up my spirit. I like talking with her. It’s very positive.