Female Readings

Unblock limits on what you attract into your life  Love, money, career, relationships, and more.. 

Have you set a desire or goal such as a relationship or new job and the manifestation isn't quite what you wanted or has limits & pain?

Are things just not showing up at all?

About the Reading

Your female creative energy plays a big part in what is manifesting in your life

All the readers have taken or taught classes with the BPI organization about female creative energy and how it operates through the body and how the vibration effects moods, happiness, and manifestations.

We will look at 3 things 

If there is other energy effecting it. (this plays a role on moods, thought, and energy levels.)

What pictures (thoughts and beliefs) is your energy holding onto that's effecting what you manifest

What's the best way you can adjust it. Sometimes the communication and awareness makes a huge shift. There may be other specific things that can contribute to your next steps in manifesting more joy and happiness. Your female creative energy is what supports your ability to manifest in ease and magic. 

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20 minutes $65.00

Packages   (Option to use at once or separate times readers)

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Deja Vu Readers & Healers for Female Readings


 Director 888-609-4472 x1

Jann is currently the Déjà vu Director and has been professionally reading for over 10 years. She has also taught and given readings/healings to women on the spiritual energy and mechanics of a female body and the effects it has on wellbeing and manifesting. She also gets a great advantage of seeing a bigger picture on one’s ability to create and manifest. She reads daily to operations of a organization and its staff and where the energy is flowing or stuck and what causes it, and of course what to do about it.


Shannon has a range of specialties and unique perspective. She is a recovery and addiction specialist and was an Assistant Director with BPI. This gives her a unique advantage on how she sees things. (Especially money and career) She has a background in accounting. This doesn’t mean she’ll give you money advice. Let’s just say money has a lot of charge on it. She can be clairvoyant and senior to all the energy around money as see clearly. She also does exceptional reiki and healings upon request. Because of her many years of practicing grounding and being centered, it make these healings very effective and powerful.


 TM Healer

Laura has been a Professional Reader, TM Healer and Female Healer for over 22 years in the Church of Divine Man organization. (She’s seen it all). She can see what is you and what is not you. What that means is if there is another person’s energy, thought, criticism, competition that’s making your true essence be different.. She’ll see it and help you see it, too.


 TM Healer

Ginny has been a professional reader and Trance Medium healer for over 20 years. She taught 5 years as a clairvoyant teacher in a Woman’s program. This program included teaching women to read other women on women’s issues, female creative energy, emotions, creating/manifesting, and more. Ginny has a superb way of guiding women towards their goals.


Joy has been a professional reader for over 20 years. She has helped many woman find their space and answers. Her clarity and insight have helped people see themselves. Her neutral communication allows for women to see their options and shift their energy to better align with their goals. You truly will never feel like she’s trying to fix you. She simply points out what your energy is doing and why you’re attracting what you are in your life or situation, with perfect and simple solutions.


Barbara has been reading for over 30 years and assists Déjà vu with reading the professional readers and seeing what’s going on within their energy field as a professional reader.  She has a great understanding of the energy levels in a woman and uses them wisely in her own practice a professional reader with Déjà vu in growing and increasing her repeat clientele. Her expert readings on the organization itself has allowed for increased growth, ease and miracles to take place.

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